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FreeYourFeet with the world's most minimalist footwear

  • The five-finger socks are formed in the shape of five toes. The upper is made of five independent toes by the breathable fabric. The wearers are separated from each other and feel soft. Comfortable and dry, inhibiting bacterial infection and preventing athlete's foot.Growth.
  • The toes are the farthest from the heart. When the five toes are separated, the massage effect is automatically generated between the toes and the toes during walking, thereby promoting the blood circulation of the toes and invisibly bringing health to the wearer.
  • The five-finger socks are designed according to the shape of the foot. There is no squeezing between the wearers' toes. Each toe stretches freely and the toe bonesNo deformation, no tingling on the soles of the feet, truly experience the feeling of returning to nature.
  • The novel design of the five-toe socks is a revolution in traditional shoes, especially for the majority of young people to pursue fashion personality.The demand for the creation has created new material conditions.
  • Five-toe split motion design, especially suitable for people who like leisure sportsTravelingrunningclimbingyoga, etc.

The five-finger socks  designed to protect your feet during any sport you can imagine.

    Users do not need to wear sports shoes after wearing, can directly carry out a variety of high-intensity outdoor sports, summer sweat absorption, winter warm, while protecting the feet will not be injured.

    The five-finger socks  were created using a blend of high-strength polyethylene fiber Dyneema and wool. Dyneema is the strongest fiber in the world, 15 times stronger than ordinary steel.

    The five-finger socks  use high elasticity material, anti-puncture, wear-resistant, waterproof
    Material: 46.5% polyethylene Dyneema and wool


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