MX 400 Remote Control Off Road Motorcycle

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Conquer dirt tracks and grassy fields!

The MX 400 Remote Control Off-Road Motorcycle is exactly what you should have your eyes on if you’re looking for an RC motorcycle that isn’t hindered by terrain whatsoever. Become an instant hero with your kids as they spend hours on end with this incredible motorbike without having to worry about it being broken during use.

This RC motorbike has an incredible battery life that allows you to keep enjoying a carefree afternoon for well over an hour. It’s designed in a way to provide you with an adrenaline-pumped experience since the bike can accelerate immediately and ride at high speeds - all the while letting you handle it with extreme precision since it can turn 360 degrees and even somersaults over obstacles in its path!


  • Great quality: The steel chain ensures that you’ll be hard-pressed to run into problems with internal damages. The waterproof battery adds to the fail-proof design of this RC motorbike to provide you with a seamless experience.
  • Easy handling: Racing an RC bike through your backyard has never been this easier. The self-perfect balancing ability of the motorcycle ensures that you can make sharp turns even at high speed.
  • Long battery life: A battery life of up to 2 hours gives you the luxury to go on longer off-roading trips without having to worry about the charge.
  • Rapid Acceleration: Drive around the track with speed of up to 60km/h with our standard version, and 80km/h with our performance upgraded version! These bikes are sure to beat any other RC out there! 


  • Speed:
    • Upgraded version: 80 km / h
    • Regular version: 60 km / h
  • Battery life:
    • Upgraded version: 2 h
    • Regular version: 1.5 h
  • Radio system: 2.4 GHz
  • Frame: aluminum


  • 1x MX 400 Remote Control Off-Road Motorcycle