2019- New Double Layer Larger Size Cat Litter Mat

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Keep Your Floors Clean by Keeping Kitty Litter from Tracking All Over the House with The Innovative Trap Litter Mat™!

When you’ve got cats, you know first-hand how annoying it can be when they track litter out onto the floor after they’re done using the bathroom. And while you love your precious kitties, cleaning up their scattered litter can be a real pain.

That’s why we created the Trap Litter Mat™ that sits in front of their litter box and captures all the tiny granules before they have a chance to bounce across the floor or get stuck to your socks or bare feet.

Made with Premium Material
Waterproof Scratch-Resistant EVA Foam Pet Friendly & Safe

Innovative Dual-Layer Design
Litter falls through the top layer and onto the layer below, trapping it in place. Keeps litter from being tracked around the house

Larger Universal Cat Litter Catcher
Larger Universal Cat Litter Catcher – Each size mat supports all types of cat litter, including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets!
Specially Design-Convex Shaped Honeycomb
The honeycomb designed mat holds tiny pieces of litters fallen between the layers, automatically catching debris as cats exit their litter box
The waterproof bottom layer keeps urine and liquids from penetrating floors, helping to protect from stains, watermarks, and odors
Easy To Clean & Maintain
Easily fold the 2 layers and dispose the locked litter back in the litter box! Save Money & Time!


  • Non-Slip Backing: This mat stays where you put it! Catches litter continuously and won’t constantly shift around when your cat climbs in and out of the box all day long.
  • Uniquely Thick & Heavy: The heavy-duty EVA rubber foam is safe, non-toxic, and completely pet friendly. With a highly durable backing, our mat is of superior quality! Unlike thinner, fragile mats, it won’t tear or crack when you shake it or even after you wash it. It’ll even hold up to cat’s claws
  • Enjoy a "Stench-Free" Home: Our BPA-free, Odor Resistant Mat is Urine Proof so liquids don't soak through. Simply shake of or vacuum up excess litter to clean it. No more stinky trapped litter!
  • Universal Cat Litter Catcher – Each size mat supports all types of cat litter, including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets!
  • Three Uses: Litter, food and water


    • S:11.85” (W) x11.85” (L)/ 30 x 30 cm
    • M: 15.75” (W) x  19.70” (L) / 40 x 50 cm
    • L:  18.11” (W) x  23.62” (L) / 46 x 60 cm
    • XL: 21.65” (W) x 27.56” (L) / 55 x 70 cm


            • 1 x Trap Litter Mat™


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